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Late 1790s Indigo Print Gown

This year has been a series of nightmare projects. I’ve been constantly ripping out stitches and redoing patterns in the hope of making something I am satisfied with. It has felt like everything I’ve tried to sew has fought me. With the exception of this project, that is. Granted I’ve made this style of dress numerous times now, but at this point I’m claiming the victory.

(Photo courtsey of In the Long Run Designs)

(Photo courtsey of In the Long Run Designs)

I wanted a new comfy (and more importantly cool) dress to wear at the Jane Austen Festival this year. Since I was behind on my sewing schedule I decided to stick with what I know and love and made yet another late 1790s gathered front dress. Honestly, I don’t get tired of these. The style is so easy to wear and the gathers mean the sizing is very forgiving. And with a busy small scale print, it means I can worry less about the inevitable dirt and stains that come with picnicking at an outdoor event.

The dress is made from a lovely two-tone indigo print from Burnley & Trowbridge and is sewn with a combination of machine and hand stitching. The construction follows the same method as my blue striped gown,  detailed in this post from last year, with a few small changes. The pleats at the back are slightly different, and I ran out of fabric so I had to piece the top of the back skirt gore. Also, I wanted to mix things up a tiny bit, so I added a little self-fabric belt. It attaches at the back with two fabric covered buttons and wraps around to be pinned in front.

One of the only construction photos I took, showing where I pieced the skirt gore.

 Unfortunately I was so hot and miserable the day I wore it to the Jane Austen Festival that I didn’t take any photos, but I did wear it again to Costume College a few weeks later in blissful AC! I accessorized it the second time with the collared chemisette I made last year, some pretty carnelian earrings from Dames a la Mode, and a cute little antique coral brooch. I really like the bright pop of orange against the blue and white. Even better, I ran into Gloria of In the Long Run Designs, and she snapped some wonderful photos of my outfit. I just love having professional shots of something I've made. Its such a treat!

(Photo courtsey of In the Long Run Designs)

(Photo courtsey of In the Long Run Designs)

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