18th Century Hair and Wig Styling
No doubt if follow any costume blogs you've heard all about the 18th century hair styling book Kendra has put together. Depsite this, I have to add my two cents.

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Plans for 2014
So what is on the agenda for 2014? I’m still plugging away on the riding habit, but I have to put it aside for now to start a new project.

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As a great portion of the United States can attest, it’s been quite cold the past few days.  Where I live it didn’t get nearly as cold as other parts of the country, but -2 is not a number we see very often and I’ve been trying to stay warm by wearing as many layers as possible. I’m naturally cold all the time, and my thin blood can’t handle much below freezing. I often wonder how I would have survived in the days before central heating and electricity. Honestly, I'm doubtful.

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