2013 Year End Review

2013 was in interesting year. I wasn't nearly as productive as I was in 2012, but despite a sewing slump at the end of the year, I'm really proud of everything I made this year. I feel that my skills are continuing to improve and my goal for 2014 is to focus on quality rather than quantity. At the moment I only have two events planned for the coming year, so I want to take this opportunity to slow down, to concentrate on making each outfit to the best of my ability and avoid rushing through the project just to get to the next.

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Book Review - 'The Beau Monde'
One of my favorite parts of historical costuming is learning about the wider social history of a time period, exploring the who and why behind the clothing I'm recreating to get a better sense of its meaning, conscious or unconscious, to the wearer. Admittedly, I focus on the glittery world of the aristocracy and upper classes when recreating and researching my costumes. I make no excuses. I like shiny things.

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More Waistcoat Progress
The riding habit waistcoat is nearly complete! I've added the satin facing and finished all the handwork but I still can't decide what type of buttons I want. Deathshead buttons would be really neat but at heart I'm really a lazy seamstress and I'm not sure if I want to expend the energy making enough buttons for both the waistcoat and jacket. I think a practice button or two is needed before I decide.

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And I'm back!
In my last post I mentioned I had a busy few weeks coming up but I didnt anticipate just how busy I would be! I've had almost no time for sewing or blogging but I'm trying to back to to my sewing room and have some fun posts planned. Fingers crossed the holiday season doesnt kill me and I can follow through on my plans!

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