Over the years I've made far more things that I can ever wear and with that in mind, I'm cleaning out my closet and selling some costumes!

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McCall’s 6503
In my day to day life I wear dresses almost exclusively. They are easy to wear and make one look put-together with minimal effort, because while I enjoy nice clothes, I am lazy and don’t want to have to think beyond “what color cardigan will go with this dress?”  Sometimes I buy my dresses, sometimes I make them, but whenever I find a style I find particularly I end up with multiples of the same dress, in different colors or fabrics. Again, I’m a lazy dresser. Why only have one dress that makes you feel confident when you can have one for every day of the week? My wardrobe may be predictable but I love to wear everything in it.

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A Regency Weekend
Have I really not posted since March? Oops!  I have lots of projects to catch you up on, starting with my first time hosting a costume event. Sorry in advance for all the pictures, but I have so much to share!

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