Pink Striped Open Robe
I leave for Costume College a week from today (!) so I figured it was time to show you the finial thing I plan to wear with my new cross front dress.

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A Whim
Before I had even finished my new 1790s dress, I knew I had to make a little sleeveless spencer or over bodice to go with it. I've been wanting one (or several) for ages and this dress seemed like the perfect thing to wear under it. I had some blue silk velvet in the stash and using the pattern from my dress, I had a new accessory in a little over a day!

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1790s Cross Front Dress Finished!
With Costume College looming I kicked myself into high gear and finished the 1790s cross front dress this weekend.

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I Never Learn
I finally got to start my new 1790s dress and this is all I have to show for a week’s worth of work. It’s not that I haven’t been spending days working in the sewing room. No, my first attempt at the cross bodice was a complete and utter failure. It’s my own fault though. You would think that after nearly 10 years (!) of costuming I would learn to make a full mockup. Instead I get impatient and plunge ahead after just a few tries. It’s ok, really. At least I recognize my weakness. ;)

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My Summer Wardrobe, Part 2
And I'm back with the second installment of what I made for summer! I bet you all are thrilled. :)

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