October Outerwear, Part 2
Obviously, one new cloak isn't enough!

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October Outerwear, Part 1

Fall is here, and with it chilly weather, so naturally my thoughts have been turning to warm clothing. In my current wardrobe, I have my teal silk mantle, but that’s not good for rain, and a cardinal red wool cloak that clashes with all my outfits.  Clearly I need some new outerwear for my upcoming trip to Wiliamsburg in March.

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A Picture of My Sweetheart
Over the past year I’ve been crossing off a lot of things on my 18th century costume wish list – silk shoes, paste necklace, embroidered garters, and now a miniature of my sweetheart!

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The Start of an 18th Century Sewing Kit
I may not reenact but I am a sucker for all things 18th century, and sewing accessories in particular. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. Lately I've felt the urge to put together a period sewing kit, starting with a work bag and matching pincushion.

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Garters Galore!
Sorry, but I can’t resist a goofy alliterative title. :)
Since my current obsession is all things 18th century, it probably won’t surprise you that I’ve been trying my hand at a few new accessories. It’s been on my sewing to do list for more than five years now to make a pair of knitted garters, as well as a pair of embroidered ones, but honestly I haven’t had the time or reason to do so until now. In the past it was always more pressing for me to get a new outfit finished; unnecessary accessories were always put on the back burner. Now, I am happy to say that last month I was able to cross both types of garters off my list!


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