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Staying Warm and Stylish

And it’s back to the Williamsburg outfit posts!
I think one of my favorite parts of this trip was getting to make and wear all kinds of fun accessories. The kinds of things like mitts and cloaks that you just don’t need at a hotel convention or summer picnic, those little things that make the outfit seem more like clothing and less like a costume.


I was especially excited to wear my new cream pelisse or marshmallow cloak as I have renamed it. I was a little afraid at first that the giant volume of taffeta would be unflattering, to say the least, but when I paired it with the full skirts and wide hoops of my francaise, I felt unbelievably elegant. Amazing what taffeta and silk velvet can do! Plus, it was chilly enough in the evening to make me very glad I had interlined it in cotton flannel, and made a matching muff.

The only problem I had was the neckline is slightly too big, meaning it has the annoying tendency to slip off my shoulders if I’m not careful. I need to add a drawstring to tie to help keep it on, but who knows when I will have another opportunity to wear the pelisse, so I’m calling it good for now.

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