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Chocolate Brocade Details

Before I move on to my next sewing project, I wanted to share a few detail shots and construction notes from my new brocade francaise. As I mentioned earlier, the construction follows the same method I outlined in my Rose Francaise posts.


There is a long verticle dart hidden under the robings, and a horizontal tuck at the waist to help the skirt sit nicely over the pocket hoops.

The side skirt pleats are a pair of stacked box pleats. They are stitched together at the top, then slipped between the lining and the outer fabric.

The back pleats, insides, and sleeves. The seams were stitched by folding over one seam allowance and topstitching the fabric with a spaced backstitch. Since the brocade frays terribly, I bound the sleeve seams with vintage rayone seambinding.


And finally, I'll leave you with a picture of Luna, the other new addition to our kitty family:


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