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Meet Millicent

Say hello to my new dressform Millicent!

My old form served me well for 8 years, but it was definitely time for an upgrade. Mildred, or as I often called her, Helga, just wasnt shaped anything like me. Her shoulders were too broad and high, her ribcage was too large, and she had a weird mono-boob. For the new form, I decided on a PGM dress form. I liked the fact that it was covered in linen and had a more natural-looking bust, but the collapsible shoulders really sold me. I know I will use that feature time after time when trying to display tight fitting historical garments. I also love the fact that this form has wheels, making it much easier to move around my sewing room. 


The one downside is that its not adjustable. The measurements on the form almost exactly matched mine and I figure if I gain weight later, as long as the "bones" of the form match mine I can pad up. Since I dont use my dress form for primary fitting, I'm not too worried about it.

You can see just how differently the two forms are shaped.

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