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Titanic Schemes

In April I will be attending an Epic Titanic Dinner at the lovely Jenny-Rose’s house, and of course, I have nothing to wear!  No really, I’m starting from the ground up for this dinner. I need a new chemise, corset and petticoat for the teens era.

 I purchased most of the fabric for my dress last summer in L.A. and formulated a rough plan based on this Poiret dress from the Kyoto Costume Institute:


Last week, before I left for my Francaise Dinner trip, I pulled out all the fabrics and draped them on the dress form. I was feeling a little meh about the design, but once I played with the different layers I started to be inspired again.


The underskirt is a lovely art nouveau style printed charmuese. The design is printed in square borders along the fabric and I only have 2 incomplete squares. Instead of using the large border for the hem, I’m turning it to run down the center of the under skirt. I will then use a little of the border for an inset in the bodice.



The over tunic will be made from the teal silk crepe. I’m going to do a cross-over kimono sleeve bodice with an angled overskirt, similar to my inspiration dress.  I’m not sure, but I’m thinking I will have a small train in the crepe as well.  I also love the bodice pleats on these two dresses from the movie Cheri, so I think I may copy this style for my dress.



I haven’t quite decided how I want to use the chiffon yet. I may have it as an overlay for the crepe or have it peeking out from underneath the edges of the crepe. And I might bead the edges of the chiffon for weight and a little sparkle. Finally, I have some coordinating blue silk velvet to use for the sash, but I'm not 100% sold on it. I will have to see who I like the velvet once I have the rest of the dress together.


Now to make the undergarments so I can move on to the fun part!

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