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1790s Cross Front Dress Finished!

With Costume College looming I kicked myself into high gear and finished the 1790s cross front dress this weekend.

The hardest part of this dress was figuring out how to close it. I knew I wanted a front closing bodice but I wasnt sure how exactly to close the wrap and skirt. I ended up going with a full wrap with separate bodice lining, similar to a bib front style. Looking at this gown from the Kyoto Collection, as well as the drawings in Costume In Detail and The Cut of Women's Clothes, it seems like a plausible way to close the gown.

For the sleeves I decided to go for maximum fluff to really emphasize that early transitional look.  I feel a bit like a marshmallow in this dress, but in the best possible way.

Up next, what I'm wearing over the dress!

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