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Last Minute Sewing

And I’m back! I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Millinery Through Time conference at Colonial Williamsburg last week. I have some fun tidbits to share, but first I will start with what I wore.

Posing in the hotel lobby with sheep!
During the opening reception, attendees were encouraged to wear their favorite costume. After some initial hesitation, I decided that yes, I did need to join in on the fun and wore my chocolate brocade francaise.

It being March, I knew I would need to wear some sort of outerwear so I woulnt freeze. Of course I didn't like any of my 18th century outerwear options with my new fran├žaise, so the obvious solution was to make a new short capelet. And sew it almost entirely by hand. Less than a week before I left for Williamsburg. Considering I hate last minute projects, not my brightest plan.

The cloak is made from aqua silk taffeta (left over from my first francaise). It's interlined in flannel for extra warmth and lined in white silk taffeta from Burnley and Trowbridge. The trim is scalloped, fray checked, and whip-gathered.  Because I started this project so late, I ended up sewing on the trim in my hotel room the night before the conference. Oops! But it was finished in time and it ended up being the perfect accessory.

The lining edge is turned under and slipstitched to the body of the cloak by hand.

The only progress picture I took - complete with furry fabric weights.

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