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Catching my breath.

Life is always crazy, but I’ve felt like I haven't had a chance to stop and take a breath the whole month of October. I came home from Jenny-Rose's party and have been desperately trying to catch up with real life. Things are slowing down and I am finally able to share a bit about the party.

The party was amazing, as expected. Really, Jenny-Rose and her family are the ultimate hosts - warm and welcoming, they always go out of their way to make you feel at home. Plus they know how to throw a damn good party! We started the day with breakfast in our 18th century lounge wear. I wore my banyan (with period appropriate sweater underneath) and lace trimmed cap. There was coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mimosas (all of which I sampled) and incredibly delicious chelsea buns (like cinnamon rolls but 100 times more amazing).

Then, we leisurely dressed and help set up for the hunting picnic outside. It was only a picnic in the loosest sense of the word. We ate at a table with real tablecloths, china, and silver, sipped champagne and stuffed ourselves with amazing 18th century food. Not surprisingly, Jenny-Rose and her dad went above and beyond to make sure the vegetarians had plenty to eat. No mean feat in Georgian cooking! After dinner there was outdoor fun with croquet, badminton, and graces for some while others, such as my lazy self, relaxed on the lawn. It was a beautiful day, and warm enough for me to wear my riding habit without the jacket. I had full range of motion in my arms. It was great!

After a bit of clean up, it was time to change for the evening festivities. We ate cake, played cards, chatted and drank more champagne. I wore my new Italian nightgown, and while it needs a few tweaks before its next outing, I’m really pleased with the silhouette. A combination of lack of sleep and a multi-day migraine meant, I wasn’t at my best over the weekend. It took all I had to just stay present during the party. I didn’t have the extra energy to take many pictures, but I still had a wonderful time with such lovely people. I’ll have a better write up of my dress coming soon, but I’ll leave you with my party pictures for now.

An 18th century filled day.
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